Optimax - the company for deliveries around the world.


optimax® combines the personal service of a family business with the performance and capability of an international haulage firm.

With our own, ultra-modern fleet and a dedicated team who are there for you around the clock, we are a composite professional in our field.

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That’s why you can expect the best service from us, from a technical and an organisational point of view.

All of the vehicles we use that have a load capacity of 24 t comply with the latest emission standards (Euro VI) and have satellite navigation and positioning (GPS). This helps us to keep track of vehicle and load movements, as well as when our staff are driving or taking a break.

All transport units are equipped for transporting dangerous goods in accordance with ADR. We replace our tractor units with the latest generation every two years. Our drivers receive regular internal and external training, and it goes without saying that they have all of the necessary qualifications.

How it all began. A success story from Saalfeld.

Founded in 1997 by Elias Georges Daniel, optimax® Logistik + Spedition GmbH started out in Saalfeld and focussed on regular groupage transport to and from the UK. Success came rapidly, to the extent that the first apprenticeship was offered the following year, and the number of staff kept growing.

Expansion of the portfolio, starting with Ireland, and then to our other destinations in Europe, was the next logical step on the way to completing our range of international transport services. Continual expansion of our own fleet and our team went hand in hand with this.

Following the sudden death of the founder in 2006, his brother Markus Daniel, has been managing the company, and is supported by Mrs Kathleen Swora (Kathleen Swora since her marriage) as transport manager. She was the first apprentice at optimax®.

We have always grown with our challenges, as a business and as a team. We particularly value the cohesion, the pleasant working atmosphere, and the exceptional dedication of our staff.

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